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White Hat SEO Service

When looking for an SEO Service Provider, you should consider White Hat SEO first. Only White Hat Search Engine Optimization Services can make sure that your business or online existence reaches your online goals.

How I Work

Let me introduce my White Hat SEO Service to you. Whether you have an E-commerce website or a Regular website, you definitely want to reach the 1st page of the search results. Let us have a discussion and see how I and my team can provide you the best service possible.

When it’s about ranking your website, you should probably hire someone who has practical experience. Someone who has a good knowledge of search engine algorithms, especially the recent updates.

So let me help you get a clear idea of the process and how I and my team will rank your site. Also, why my White Hat SEO Service is a better alternative for you than most of the others available out there.

White Hat
SEO Service Research


The very first step for ranking a website is doing thorough research. I and my team will use a variety of tools to determine the current state of your website including on-page issues, off-page presence, etc. We will make sure your webpage ranks on the first page of the search result. For that, we will start the research phase. We will conduct keyword research which will get started by selecting a list of keywords.

Then, we will start researching for potential competitors. This will include their keyword strategy, content design, user experience design, their backlink profile, and more. In the next step, we will be researching the scope of improvement in your website. To research it I and my team will do a site audit for on-page Issues. From Google to Bing, Yandex, Yahoo or any other search engine focuses more on the on-page aspects of the website. We will conduct thorough content research. After that, we will conduct a well planned Social Media Research. After the research phase is complete, we will go to the planning phase.

White Hat SEO Service Planning


Making all the necessary changes in the keywords list, I will start planning the necessary steps to use those keywords for ranking your website. We will track those keywords and then all the relative movements of those keywords will be recorded. Then I and my team will do keywords planning. After that, we will start planning content design. It will involve making content more White Hat SEO Service friendly.

We will also put a focus on social media activity planning. Our planning will also cover the backlink strategy. This will include how we can acquire more SEO friendly backlinks, what kind of backlinks will be acquired, and how many backlinks should be generated. We will make sure there is nothing left tied to your website that can bring in any search engine penalties.

After the planning is complete, then we will move on to the execution stage.

SEO Method Execution


After planning, we’ll finalize the ranking strategy. Here, we will start executing. Although, we will keep an emphasis on social engagement, our basic focus will be on on-page and off-page SEO Services.

My team will start by fixing on-page issues. This covers topics like Fixing Page Loading Speed, Editing Meta Tags, Optimizing Contents, etc. Our main focus will be targeting all the on-page optimization. This will help us enrich content with related information. We use infographics where it is applicable. We will add on-page images where it’s needed. In short, I and my team will ensure an Search Engine friendly Blog/Page content generation. My team will add special care to rich snippets JSON Data implementation on the pages and the SERP.

After the on-page SEO parts are taken care of, we will move on the off-page SEO customization. My team will use a variety of tools and human effort for relevant backlink generation.

SEO Service Method Testing


For every listed relevant keyword I and my team will test all the possible scenarios. To ensure the best outcome we will repeat the ‘research, plan and execute’ model again and again until we get your website to the first page of the search results through our White Hat SEO techniques.

White Hat SEO Service Strategy

Why White Hat SEO Service?

Though sometimes Black Hat techniques may bring you good results temporarily, this is not the way you want to take. To achieve a sustainable reputation for your website, you should avoid all kind of short-cuts and follow White Hat SEO techniques. Only organic SEO can bring you more business in the long run. Google is too smart to be deceived nowadays.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to have some questions when it comes to deciding which direction to go to regarding Search Engine Optimization Services. Here are some FAQs for you.

How to choose a White Hat SEO Service Provider?

When choosing an SEO Service Provider, the first thing you want to look for is their track record. A good White Hat SEO Service Provide must have something to show you to prove their skills no matter they have won any award or not. 

Why Choose Murvelin.com for Your Website SEO?

Want to get on the first page of the SERP? My team of well-qualified SEO experts will assist you to optimize your website, improve online visibility, generate more visitors, leads, and sales for your business. No matter what your industry is, my SEO professional team will work hard to bring your website on the highest rankings, ensuring it doesn’t invite penalties by any Search Engine. All Search Engine algorithms keep updating from time to time and unless your website is up to date; following the newest rules and changes may protect your website. At murvelin.com, we offer advanced SEO services as per google’s guideline. So there is no risk of getting banned. Plus following google’s guideline ensures the highest quality of our White Hat SEO service.

So if you give me a chance to audit your website, I can promise you quick guaranteed results. Our Search Engine Optimization packages are very affordable, customized, and guaranteed. Any small investment in your business is merely worthy if it assists to propel your business forward. Investing in Our Advance SEO services will take your business to the highest level. Plus I have been working as an SEO expert for some well-reputed companies since 2018. I and my team have a great deal of practical experience with white hat SEO. We also have very good practical & technical knowledge of newer search engine filters and other technology updates. So, if you are looking to rank your website and you want to make sure it fulfills all the Search Engine Marketing standards, then choose murvelin.com.

What can you expect from a White Hat SEO Service?

It is a known fact that white hat SEO service is the legal or legit way of ranking a website in the SERP. So when you hire someone for ranking your website, you should consider white hat SEO as your only option. There are a bunch of requirements you should keep an eye out for if you are looking for a good SEO service. The provider must have a good amount of practical experience in the SEO field. They must have a very good knowledge of the technical aspects of White Hat Search Engine Optimization. The Service provider must have a good knowledge of newer search engine filters and other relevant technology updates. These are the basic requirements that a good white hat SEO service provider must fulfill. You can expect the safest and smoothest journey towards the SERP’s 1st Page from a White Hat SEO Service.

How long can it take to rank your website?

It can take from 4 months to a year depending on the industry your business falls into, the audience you want to target, the geographic area you want to rank in, etc. No one can let you know an exact timeline for ranking your website on the first page. But you should definitely start seeing improvements in the 4th or 5th month after you start SEO.

What is White Hat SEO Backlinks?

White hat SEO backlinks refer to backlinks that were created by abiding the SEO regulations.  White hat link building is a way of driving traffic to a website through SEO techniques, like relevant linking to other, relevant content building. White hat links boost an internet site or web page’s rankings among search engines like Google through “organic” means enhance users’ experience by boosting the standard of content, broadening its scope through relevant links, then forth.

Unlike the spam-oriented tactic of black hat link building, which attempts to drive traffic to a site without adding value to the content or enhancing user experience. On the other hand, white hat link building aims to teach users. Unlike black hat tactics, white hat link building is often labor-intensive, requiring website designers and content writers to specialize in quality content, then interspersing links to bolster the SEO value of the page. This “organic” sort of link building to varied sources around the World Wide Web is useful for the web community as an entire, which is why programs like Google reward this practice in terms of a website’s search engine rankings.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Any activity to rank a webpage that is not ethical and violates the search engine algorithms’ terms of service is considered Black Hat SEO. Black Hat Optimization can manipulate the search results for a very short time, which is not good for a business that wants to gain exposure and grow.

Why choose White Hat SEO over Black Hat SEO?

To answer this question first, we have to understand their difference. The difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO is with the techniques used when trying to enhance a search engine’s ranking.

Black hat SEO refers to techniques and methods followed to get higher search rankings that break Search Engine rules. It focuses on only search engines and not human audiences. This is usually employed by those that are trying to find a fast return for their site, instead of long-term investment on their site. Some techniques utilized in black hat SEO include: keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden texts and links, and blog content spamming. Consequences of black hat SEO can possibly end in your site being banned from a Search Engine. Your site can also be de-indexed as a penalization for using unethical techniques.

On the other hand, White hat SEO refers to the utilization of techniques and methods that focus on a relevant human audience base of a Search Engine. Techniques that are typically utilized in White Hat SEO include using keywords and keyword analysis, doing research, rewriting meta tags, etc to make them relevant. It also includes strategies like backlinking, writing content for human readers, etc. Those who use White Hat SEO, expect to form a long-term investment on their website. It’s because the results with White hat SEO last in the SERP for an extended time. Since it follows all the search engine regulations, you don’t have to worry about getting banned. So, undoubtedly Anyone should pick White Hat SEO over Black hat SEO.

Is White Hat SEO Service better than Paid Campaigns?

It’s just impossible to answer this question without taking the unique situation of both methods into consideration. There are many benefits to paid search advertising or Paid Campaigns for short. However, there are also some pitfalls for advertisers to be aware of.

The paid campaign is expensive. Although It is not always the case, costs can quickly become an issue. If you are targeting entire countries or running international campaigns, those costs can be pretty messy. The competition is very tight nowadays. Paid campaigns, as the name suggests, are paid — so it requires constant investment. Stop paying the advertiser, and your ads go away and your lead in the market dries up. As long as you have a solid acquisition cost, then this should not be a problem, but in contrast to White hat SEO, it can feel like a bad deal. This should be an ongoing process to keep the opposition at bay, but organic traffic can be a little more robust. The most beautiful fact is, if you can rank using the white hat service, it will give assurance that even without payment you will stay ranked for a while. A hyper-local business with little competition and a requirement for just a couple of leads per week could likely develop good visibility within the local and organic search results with a touch of White hat SEO. As for a new business that’s competing with a page of results from other major competitions and online retailers is probably going getting to struggle in organic search in the short term, at least. In this case, if you want to go for a paid campaign the cost is significantly higher. So the clever thing would be taking the cheap and long-lasting solution available. So In a nutshell, If you want to rank your business, you should choose White hat SEO. As it will boost your business to your desired position, all of this will happen with minimal costing.


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