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UI/UX Design & Development

UI/UX Design is to identify and solve the problems users face. It starts from understanding the goals and issues and ends at designing the final prototype.

How I Work

Based on the requirements, my works may start from doing UX Research or directly from designing Hi-fidelity Prototypes.

I like to follow these steps of the UX Design process:

  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
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As a UX designer, empathizing with users enhances the products I create because I experience the product as the user does. The better I am at anticipating a user’s desires and needs, the more comfortable the user will feel with my design, and the more likely they will be to engage with the product long-term.

To empathize with users, I often conduct interviews. Interviews can help us understand users’ perspectives and learn their pain points. But interviewing users is only the beginning of the UX research process! While interviews provide a lot of insight, empathy mapping brings me closer to identifying the real needs of the users. 

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All of my work to empathize with users helps me define the problem that users are facing. In this part of the process, I’ll move from the empathize phase into the define phase of the design process.

To define the problem my designs will solve, I’ll build a problem statement, a hypothesis statement, and a value proposition. In addition, I’ll explore how psychology and human factors influence design.

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Moving into the third phase of the design process: ideate. I’ll consider everything I’ve learned about the users I’m designing for and the problems they’re facing in order to brainstorm ideas for design solutions.

To help me come up with lots of ideas for design solutions, I’ll conduct a competitive audit and complete design activities.

Design ideation is the process of generating a broad set of ideas on a given topic without judging or evaluating them. When I start thinking of ideas, I come up with as many as possible. The aim is to generate lots of ideas, even ones that may seem ridiculous at first.

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At this stage, I design all the prototypes based on the outcomes from the steps before and the prototypes include Hand Drawn Prototypes, Low-fidelity Prototypes, and Hi-fidelity Prototypes.