How to Search for a Word in a Website: Easy Steps in 2020

How to Search for a Word in a Website: Easy Steps in 2020

How to Search for a Word in a Website: Easy Steps in 2020

Written by Md. Mursalin Hossen Pavel

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October 20, 2020

Every website browser whether Desktop or Mobile comes with their own Find Tool, which can help you search through a webpage for finding specific words or sentences. Also, Google has its own advanced search methods to look for and find specific words and phrases in a specific website. You can easily use these methods to search for a Word on a Website.


Search for a word in a specific webpage

Press Ctrl+F on Windows or Command+F on Mac. This action will open the Find box in the browser you are using. Find functionality can also be found in the burger menu in Chrome and Firefox browser.

Using the Find Tool in Google Chrome Desktop version to search a word on a webpage


  • In iOS, this function can be used easily. Enter the webpage you want to find the word in. Clear the address from the address bar. Type in what you want to search for in the address bar. Then select “On this page” from the search result that appears at the bottom.
  • You can also see the “Find in Page” option in mobile browsers.

Using the Find Tool in Mozilla Firefox to search a word


Inside the find box, type in the word/phrase or sentence(s) you are looking for. This search box is not case sensitive.

Now you can cycle through the search results as they are highlighted. To cycle through the search results using the up-down/next-precious button.


Search for a Word on an entire website using Google Search

You can search for a word or phrase on an entire website using Google. This will help you find the words or terms if you do not know which page contains what you are looking for.

Find a word in a website using Google


Inside Google Search, Type: site: and the topic or word you are searching for. Here’s an example in the image below.

Look for a word or phrase in an entire website


This will show you the pages that contain your word/phrase/sentence in them. Once you open a page from the search result, you can find the exact location of the word/phrase using the Find Tool feature mentioned in the previous method.

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