How Much Time Do You Need With a New Website in 2022 -

How Much Time Do You Need With a New Website in 2022

Written by Md. Mursalin Hossen Pavel

Starting as an SEO Newbie in 2015, I had been leveraging my skills in Graphic Design, Web Design & Digital Marketing gradually. I have been providing full-time and contractual services since 2016.

November 11, 2021

People say that takes anywhere from between six and a year before you begin to see SEO results. It is also necessary to commit hundreds or even thousands of hours before you can get results. But is it really necessary to be this in the first place?

Today, I’ll discuss how long you’ll need to spend in SEO for a brand-new site with no traffic in 2022.

You don’t have to accomplish a variety of tasks or invest hundreds or even thousands of hours in SEO to see the results.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s possible to rank at the top of page one in terms such as “credit cards” in a very short amount of time. However, you will begin to see results for terms that aren’t as crowded or have long-tailed key phrases. In this article, I’ll explain what you have to do to begin your new site to see results. You can accomplish this by spending a couple of hours every week.

If you’re planning to launch a brand-new website in 2022, you have to focus on building credibility in your industry. This involves creating a lot of content and observing how Google responds to different issues you tackle.

Keep track of the rankings of your site over time since if you publish something, what you’ll see is that it will either rank highly or it won’t. Some topics rank well, and others aren’t. If you find yourself ranking higher in search results for certain subjects, you should write more on these areas. Don’t duplicate your content. If you published an article entitled “The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Online” do not write “The Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing for Beginners,” because that’s almost identical. If you’ve written articles with keywords that relate to a subject that hasn’t had the chance to get ranked for, you should go and concentrate on other subjects which are performing. I’d like you to search for less competitive long-tail variants of head-term keywords that aren’t competitive enough.

What I’m asking you to do is go to a Keyword Research tool like Ahrefs and put your keyword in the Keyword Explorer.

It will show you more long-term keywords that you can target and develop your content around it.

When inside the list of keywords, there’s a SERP button to the right which shows the best performing websites for that particular search term.

After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll see some progress. Now, I’d like you to get started by using Google Search Console.

There’s no need to spend a lot of time in link creation, but you should determine which parts of your content are receiving many impressions with very few clicks. What you need to do with Google Search Console is look at the keywords receiving a lot of impressions and not enough clicks and then make sure that you modify your content to incorporate those keywords. Do this not just in your content, but also within the title tag as well as your meta description.

By doing this you’re more likely to be ranked for those keywords that are receiving a lot of impressions but not enough clicks in the event that they’re relevant to your website as well as the products or services you provide. Many people believe that when doing this you have to constantly make a number of hyperlinks. This isn’t the case if you’re looking for rankings for longer-tail keywords.

Be aware that these long-tail phrases really add up and could generate a significant amount of traffic. In addition, becoming proficient at creating content is a must. How much time is required to accomplish these tasks? Content writing should be at a minimum of four hours per week. Simply doing some research and writing content will take you about four hours per week.

Keyword research is an additional two to three hours per month, giving you all the keywords you could be targeting. Take a look, if you’ve got great content, but have all the issues that keep Google from crawling through your site or indexing your pages, do you believe you’ll be able to get ranked? Absolutely not! Because regardless of how good your content may be, it cannot crawl it and is not able to comprehend your content or even navigate your website in an efficient manner. Your site isn’t doing it right.

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